About Windows 7 RTM MUI Language Packs

MUI stands for Multilingual User Interface.
There are full (100%) and partial (80% according to Microsoft) MUI language packs.
Full languages change entire Windows 7 environment, partial languages lack some localization and the untranslated user interface is always in English, regardless of the original Windows 7 display language:

  • Bootloader: Multi-boot menu, Safe menu options, Memtest
  • Administrative Tools: Task Scheduler, Event Viewer, Services, Advanced Firewall...
  • Group Policy (Windows 7 Professional/Ultimate only)
  • Some help files

You can use these language packs in 64-bit Windows 7 RTM only (original release without a SP).
Upon installing specific MUI languages, you can install additional LIP languages on top of them.

To find out your system properties (32/64-bit, SP installed or not) go to Control Panel -> System and Maintenance -> System or right-click the Computer icon in Start menu and select Properties.

Download 64-bit Windows 7 RTM MUI Language Packs

(direct links from Microsoft: size varies from 35 to 174 MB)

  • MD5: fcf4a1a7eeb24ef9f63d9c1b9a62b652
  • MD5: 7fb01b07282078027c46394651a0af0f
  • MD5: b64f349aeb694c08ae7e557a80e96f67
  • MD5: 515ec12a7b9edb2d0ed61268ef293616
  • MD5: 400903d5ec4db1aba2de6bb08e221c09
  • MD5: 3b7ce66b44c8f6bf45ba84ebcff31f22
  • MD5: 77e6c48438210b60d471fb52b9c38041
  • MD5: 32140d42ab93a7573bfd35597fc24fe1
  • MD5: 622c33290853deef3dbaefc6ef5a160f
  • MD5: 0a998abd76292b35f4eaf7f65ea477e9
  • MD5: c9caa929501177f75cc50220b7837973
  • MD5: 917cd86ef8626949a907cf37bb4ece54
  • MD5: 757ff65248496aff01ef6c608c191265
  • MD5: 21530f0c0ccf7677929734096d2e3240
  • MD5: ebf513a7a80960028361561bf3c00f9b
  • MD5: d169cd14ba49795d2526abbf11fe104a
  • MD5: 54fe5921a391621ccb1fa23af8a04273
  • MD5: 3f320d04cb84d4ede3bfc12fa6942d49
  • MD5: da7bf96f07a39a5fefe41cd9c38b360f
  • MD5: 0ed906d84568a124341a81760b6dfd9b
  • MD5: ff55f5d78026802101b164dd8f7bac5c
  • MD5: 619d5f81c47cee41af40222773699cbb
  • MD5: 461f39a67d72c4ef77dc3b3e4336a34a
  • MD5: 1743fc68760f80b560444d42c29b727f
  • MD5: 1b110e2b80bf2896f2ce46c63c476581
  • MD5: 482dbd3c7527af3630c349ebb334a9e3
  • MD5: 8afcac7504e9106dace6d7a9a05086a3
  • MD5: 6255183a913c94455aa3d7f4e4758555
  • MD5: 9446b9b7b4de3dbbfa39b30f511d8700
  • MD5: af98386dc456b584bb1381370cc96a74
  • MD5: ff334cb72436bf3451ac6bbae01b5304
  • MD5: ab96f038ca0b7aa121e7b26841a8290d
  • MD5: 55be05f2f34edcd0288821e0dba05c46
  • MD5: 78009254b6d4a4ae7abc70f9a4ed83b0
  • MD5: f5d6429319bb991495085062dd109938

Download 64-bit Windows 7 RTM Chinese (Taiwan) MUI Language Pack

(official language pack, not available from Microsoft due to political reasons)

  • MD5: 3125eaf925e333300a6cac1e11707c5e

*** partial language pack, see note above
MD5 checksum can be used to verify whether or not a language pack downloaded properly

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