• No need to install this program, just run it
  • Supports 36 Vista/Windows 7 MUI languages: most of them provide full translation of user interface
  • Supports Vista/Windows 7 LIP languages: they can be installed upon installing their parent MUI language:
    List and download 32-bit Windows Vista LIP languages
    List and download 32-bit Windows 7 LIP languages
    List and download 64-bit Windows 7 LIP languages
  • Languages can be installed either in Internal or in Express mode, see below for details
  • Multiple languages can be installed in one go
  • Built-in conversion is used for MUI language packs in EXE format
  • Built-in file integrity validation is used when loading language packs (using MD5 checksum)
  • Changing to new/another MUI language is global for all users and requires system restart
  • Changing to another LIP language using the same MUI parent language requires current user to be logged off only
  • Different users can have different LIP language provided that the languages can use the same parent MUI language
  • Some troubleshooting command line parameters are available, see below

What is the Internal installation mode?

  • It's an experimental feature: successful installation is not guaranteed when installing MUI languages, LIP languages are installed without problems
  • Installation procedure used in versions lower than v2.00 is now called Express mode
  • Internal installation uses the internal Windows language installer (after some hacking to force that for MUIs, LIP languages are supported on every edition of Windows by default)
  • These languages are fully integrated to Windows and are updated by the system itself or by Service Pack installer
  • Internal installation can be performed only once for MUI languages (the hack simply doesn't work anymore): this limitation doesn't apply to LIP languages
    To install multiple MUI languages, load all of them and change their mode to Internal
  • To install a dependent LIP language in Internal mode, its parent MUI language must also be installed in Internal mode and has to be the current display language
  • Internal installation takes longer than in Express mode (20 min for a MUI, 10 min for a LIP)
  • This mode is default for LIP languages when their parent MUI language is Internal and it is the current display language
  • LIP languages installed in Internal mode are also uninstalled by the internal Windows language installer

What is the Express installation mode?

  • Uses a "quick and dirty" approach to install new languages and is not able to update all the Windows system catalogs
  • That's why the new languages are not recognized by Windows and they are not updated by Windows
  • Upon (automatic) installation of some Windows updates that affect language resources some features may not work: these Windows updates have to be installed within Vistalizator to manually update Express languages, see details in Help
  • Compared to Internal installation it takes about ten times less time to install a new language
  • This mode is default for MUI languages and also for LIP languages when their parent MUI language is not internal and/or is not the current display language
  • Safe use: no file is overwritten during installation (except for an upgrade of language to SP1)

Command line parameters

  • /? or /h - display info about using parameters
  • /c - save registry backup at program startup and on exit
    (these files are saved in the program's folder)
  • /p - show Internal installation progress
    (to be able to cancel the Internal installation or to see errors in case of a failure)

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