About Vista SP2 MUI Language Packs

MUI stands for Multilingual User Interface.
There are full (100%) and partial (80% according to Microsoft) MUI language packs.
Full languages change entire Vista environment, partial languages lack some localization and the untranslated user interface is always in English, regardless of the original Vista display language:

  • Bootloader: Multi-boot menu, Safe menu options, Memtest
  • Administrative Tools: Task Scheduler, Event Viewer, Services, Advanced Firewall...
  • Group Policy (Vista Business/Ultimate only)
  • Some help files

You can use these language packs in 32-bit Vista with SP2 or even in 32-bit Vista SP1 and 32-bit Vista RTM (original release of Vista without a Service Pack).
Upon installing specific MUI languages, you can install additional LIP languages on top of them.

To find out your system properties (32/64-bit, SP2 installed or not) go to Control Panel -> System and Maintenance -> System or right-click the Computer icon in Start menu and select Properties.

Download 32-bit Vista SP2 MUI Language Packs

(direct links from Microsoft: size varies from 145 to 260 MB)

  • MD5: 4af2c0585d6cc619e91f079c79fa5628
  • MD5: 163be40289a74ab2a441608e6d3277aa
  • MD5: 6b33f929dabdfa48fbeebf7081f8b6c7
  • MD5: 1c59a597cd694cca741fd4c93f706f34
  • MD5: 3c74d4615ff9cd6ba48f7adcb6b7ad9c
  • MD5: 76d05fdd89c904af61a149b7d4fc80c5
  • MD5: 95f93eba86bf0197ac22edbc59006132
  • MD5: c889a904a19a955ec929e2fe65e7af89
  • MD5: 5a22dcd9a1c3a3ae7bd0ecd70911c039
  • MD5: 2c2a384ef43779298d92e92aa879332c
  • MD5: 3366e705734e33a8ed70debd8dbd6c37
  • MD5: 3f85b7064ba1382a7b01221638fa0c6e
  • MD5: eacc288b4c0ea598563725ff534facfb
  • MD5: 97aaa281194e6f4dfa417eda0b175859
  • MD5: 20ac0565b0f428e03f68ba5bb24e5609
  • MD5: 34d92b4fc2cbf2d05d9e8cd95c89540f
  • MD5: 0956822dcc711b2ae2efc86a348d929f
  • MD5: 266e170497339e10bf7f52c7aa1a0879
  • MD5: f90784781e570ce9aed2b7e4b7ba30a0
  • MD5: 4a37d71b257b6c4ab97f29f48f7994a2
  • MD5: 7fe89c4678c49547c9084e4145f0f67e
  • MD5: 44d68bcad5a5ba7f23b1aac9889277bf
  • MD5: 630f1e0f921152f78deab2ace1db6502
  • MD5: 3d2d809ca6cb80ba776cd1cf6269b782
  • MD5: cc3de00dbe2cf6d527fd9362553bda5c
  • MD5: 1144e3e1fe73112acd5c8fbe9e2ebeb0
  • MD5: 4121d52cbcc06b23325a2409301b4215
  • MD5: c1569880eb7eaa161a640b9e30d80d9a
  • MD5: 45958c0f9c453bd88dc3b64677e8e226
  • MD5: 33d6efe0d61fadc7eb5be325bafd70c1
  • MD5: e594a7ed87aa02992d988b769c8ca11d
  • MD5: 313b01e7e14e2b661a3a90e6a4782f8e
  • MD5: d7fbd22d7f9faf7348c1d83f98892cfa
  • MD5: 0e6e426a7feefe171c49adec85a1a36b
  • MD5: ab8f3a0a7fbc4ff7f69100a5d06baceb

Download 32-bit Vista SP2 Chinese (Taiwan) MUI Language Pack

(official language pack, not available from Microsoft due to political reasons)

  • MD5: 6547ebb61b1ebe17d302ca361d113366

You can use this language pack in 32-bit Vista SP2 or Vista SP1 or even Vista RTM.

*** partial language pack, see note above
MD5 checksum can be used to verify whether or not a language pack downloaded properly

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