First, check your system properties (32-bit/64-bit, Service Pack 1/2 installed or not):
  • Go to Control Panel -> System and Maintenance -> System
  • Right-click the Computer icon in Start menu and select Properties
Installing Service Pack 1/2 for Vista/Windows 7 is recommended prior to installation on new language(s) in Express mode as they are not upgraded by SP installer unlike those languages installed in Internal mode. See difference between Internal and Express mode. Note that if you have installed new language(s) on Windows RTM using Express mode and then you install SP1/SP2 for Windows, you are encouraged to upgrade all new languages - this requires downloading and installing SP1/SP2 language pack(s) in Express mode.

Next, install new language(s): Finally, you can manually perform these optional steps:
  • Change Keyboard layout, Location, Standards and Formats
    go to Control Panel -> Clock, Language, and Region
  • Change the default language in Internet Explorer
    go to program menu -> Tools -> Internet Options -> General tab -> Languages
  • Change font in Notepad
    go to program menu -> Format -> Font...

Step by step guide

See screenshots of installing a new language.

Notes about Service Pack for Windows

  • When the current display language was installed in Express mode: prior to Service Pack installation, switch to the original Windows language or another language installed internally and restart Windows
  • Windows Service Pack installer upgrades languages installed in Internal mode only, not the Express ones
  • Languages that have been installed in Express mode on Windows RTM work after SP1/SP2 installation, but this is not recommended - these "RTM" languages can be upgraded to SP1/SP2 using Vistalizator by installing SP1/SP2 language pack(s) in Express mode
  • To install SP1/SP2 for Windows use Windows Update or download the Service Pack standalone package
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